Monde Créatif : The art of colors

Unique Crystal Parts

Cristalin handmade and blown mouth in France.
 Carafe in Crystalline 1.5 L CHARLOTTE
250,00 €(250,00 €)
Carafe en Cristallin Blue anise and green

 Carafe with Wine in Crystalline MASCARADE 1.5
280,00 €(280,00 €)

Wine carafe inspired by the Venetian masks. Color Red, Gold and Green Capacity 1.5 l

 Crystal Carafe 1L BIJOUX
290,00 €(290,00 €)

Crystal carafe representing jewels in trompe-l'oeil Red and green blue jewels.
 Crystal ice bucket ARLEQUIN
180,00 €(180,00 €)

Multicolored ice bucket
 Cup in Sangria in Crystalline EDEN CUP and sa Louche
780,00 €(780,00 €)
Cut to Sangria illustrating the Paradise Birds.
Multicolored and Unique, this crystal cut is very decorative.
La Louche decorated is offered.

 FARANDOLE Crystalline Lid Pot
400,00 €(400,00 €)

Magnificent multi-colored jar with chiseled motifs; Capacity: 2 L
 Large Vase or Crystal Bucket JOSEPHINE
470,00 €(470,00 €)

Large Vase or Bucket in Crystal Fuchsia, Black and Gold .. This Vase is Empire Style
BABEL 1L Crystal Carafe
190,00 €(190,00 €)

Of very original shape this carafe in colors Red Green and Gold Evokes the Byzantine Art.

Crystal Art Deco Champagne bucket
580,00 €(580,00 €)
ArtDeco Style Champagne bucket.
Bright colors Blue, Pink, Yellow and green. ,